Video clip for fashion designer Di Du , representing her 2018 collection IF WISHES WERE HORSES.

Two opposing forces colliding in a crash contemplates on the complexity of power struggles.

The designer’s main inspiration for her collection were horses and the rebellion against censorship. The main theme of the video is based on these two inspirations -
To communicate the idea of wild horses and the burying of old power symbols.

Watch the official video at DI DU:

Extra cut TBC.

Magical Powers

 Produced by Kim Peers, for Léa Peckre 

For her campaign "All Women are Witches," young French designer Lea Peckre anchored her vision of femininity. (I-D)

Hidden Abilities is created by Kim Peers & Line Haseldonckx for French designer Lea Peckre 's campaign "All Women are Witches".


Videoclip directed & shot for music artists Elliott & Lisa

Chapter Zero

TRAILER <2017 - Seoul, Korea - Magic realism>

08:20 min

To be positive, a number must be greater than zero.

To be negative, a number must be less than zero.




TRAILER < shot in 2016, finalised in 2018 
- Gimcheon, Korea - Horror, Drama >

18.20 min

A wandering man find back the way to his old house.

 Director's reel 2017

This is my director's reel for 2017. 

Hide and Seek

<2015 - Seoul, Korea - Drama >

Trailer online/contact for video

A young man tries to recollect himself after losing his brother in an accident.

<Above the mist, 2014 - Seoul, Korea - Drama >

 Trailer online/contact for video

A young man seeks an assisted suicide with an illegal agency in South Korea.

"Above the Mist" (2016) is a short film

directed, shot and produced by Gabriel Galand.

Assistant director: Line Haseldonckx.

Pleroma, 2015

<Antwerp, Belgium - Experimental>

Trailer online/contact for video

Pleroma is a visual experiment by Line Oshin & Arn Gyssels.
It is a tribute to Duality- the sword that splits the mind between Creation &